did she get kicked out of her house after this

what the actual fuck did i just watch

Please don’t scroll past this

there is a reason parents dont leave their kids home alone and this is one of them…

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my brother got me a card

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My brother has owned an iphone for aproximately 4 hours now and he managed to forget the passcode he setso 3 of those hours were spent trying to bypass it we gave up and just restored the phone


If you ever need a measuring stick for how much of a weeaboo you are, this is the point of no return.

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Bringing back this fantastic homestuck thing.

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Sword art online more like sword art oh my god make the tears stop



omf what even

…I’m not sorry…

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I always feel guilty for missing school even when im sick and kinda have to

birthday arts for uniipatel my waifu sorry its poop heheh i thought id have it finished earlier and then today happened and i was all fuck i need to finish it and yea


A transparent Yui for your blog (and mine)

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